Axon Optics Migraine Relief Glasses: Natural Relief from Migraines, Light Sensitivity, and Visual Snow

Disclaimer: I recieved my Axon Optics Migraine Relief Glasses as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. Please see the Disclosures Page for more detailed information.

Axon Optics Migraine Relief Glassess Natural Relief from Migraines, Light Sensitivity, and Visual Snow | | Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
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My Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome includes sizable portions of migraines, painful photophobia, and distracting visual distortions.

Avoiding exacerbating lighting triggers is an essential survival skill against these chronic processes! Today, I’m sharing my experience with Axon Optics Migraine Relief GlassesAlbeit prescriptions are often necessary for many, my case included, regaining control with nonpharmacological measures gives back quality life despite the battle against incurable disease.

Trigger Warning: The following video contains bright, flickering lights and loud noises.

Ever wonder what lighting sensitivities aka photophobia is like? Check out my video depiction of it below:

Whether it’s the stingy rays from the overhead fluorescent bulbs at doctor’s offices, blinding blue light from device screens, or even natural sunlight, I always recoil with pain! When this happens, an insidious level of damage begins to fulminate as my migraine sequelae start ripping and tearing away at my quality of life.

My chronic struggle is more sensitive than ever but with my original intro to Axon Optics Migraine Relief Glasses was in Fall 2016, I feel better armored for these battles! I frequently shout out enthusiastic social media endorsements because I believe in the power of this brand. I want other migraine sufferes to know there is hope.

This amazing product backed by scientific research provides an effective defense against difficult and often disabling symptoms associated with chronic migraines, photosensitivity and strange phenomena known as visual snow. I live with all of these symptoms, so when another opportunity came around to work with Axon Optics, I submitted my notice of interest right away!

Axon Optics Migraine Relief Glassess Natural Relief from Migraines, Light Sensitivity, and Visual Snow | | Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Axon Optics’ Dalliance frames with indoor tinting on lenses for natural photosensitivity, visual disturbances and migraine relief.

For my second chance to work with this amazing brand, I went for a lighter weight style with an indoor lens. The Dalliance style met these needs with a Sashay of fashion on the side! Although I prefer my HANNIKs when outdoors or in brightly lit stores for peripheral coverage, my Dalliance frames serve great purpose, combinIing effective protection with beautifully functional style! 

The Cateye-esk, hot pink frames jive with my retroish style sense. This style is trendy but durable for every day, all day use. I love wearing them as a compliment to my galaxy leggings!

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Dalliance indoor lenses allow for whomever I interact with to see my eyes whereas the outdoor lenses of the HANNIK model shield my eyes completely. 

Axon Optics Migraine Relief Glassess Natural Relief from Migraines, Light Sensitivity, and Visual Snow | | Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Artistic Selfie of the author wearing the HANNIK model available at

Typically, I avoid eye contact because of my neurodivergences; however, there are times when eye contact communicates a message my voice cannot, especially with medical practitioners. Because these glasses help to cut back on my distraction levels due to visual snow and other strange, non-psychiatric visual disturbances, it’s easier communicating my needs, not only with health care providers but also with my family/caretakers.

Between home, medical appointments, and social meetings, the Dalliance model Migraine Relief Glasses from Axon Optics improve my chronic illness life by leaps and bounds! I avoid untoward consequence of happenstance lighting exposures while also complimenting my attire. The indoor lens allow the sincerity in my eyes a platform if needed. All day use helps me save spoons normally lost to lighting triggers, distracting visual disturbances, and painful photosensitivity.

Overstimulation to my sensory experience via lighting and visual disturbances dominoes into a tailspin of chronic symptom flares. Days if not weeks lost in the fog of recovery. These migraine relief glasses provide a much needed barrier against offensive lighting.

The effects of photophobia, chronic migraines, and visual snow are poorly understood. Still, integrative research indicates sufferers live with an over sensitized neural pathway between the eyes and the brain. Continual transmission of inappropriate pain signals via the thalamus of the brain creates a situation of sensory overload. Much like a rubber band stretched beyond its limits, so is the thalamus. under prolonged stress. Eventually, the thalamus succumbs to a constant state of high alert.

My Axon Optics Migraine Relief Glasses give back quality of life by shielding my neurological system from such painful stimulus. This allows me endurendurance for activities I’d otherwise forgo because of painful triggering. Consistently, regardless of which style of Axon Optics I wear, my practitioners give kudos to my efforts to naturally manage my issues with migraines, photosensitivity, and visual snow.

Hot shot of yours truly sporting my new #AxonOptics Migraine Glasses. #prettyinpink These are the Dalliance style with indoor lenses and pink frames. I am super-duper pumped for the opportunity to demo these glasses free for honest review through my membership with @chronicblogs Be looking for my full review up on in the next couple months! In the last year, I've sat in roughly 30 different doctor's offices and every last one used fluorescent lighting sources. As if these appointments weren't painful enough! Fluorescent lighting is a big trigger for not only my migraines but also my sensory issues. The flickering and artifical brightness makes for misery business when trying to clearly communicate my needs. Something about those tubular beams of unnatural lighting activates my my brain fog something fierce! Since getting the chance to review these glasses, fluorescent lighting is a barrier I now succeed! These glasses are the real deal! Not only do they look super-duper cute but they also help me get through appointments without triggering my migraines, protecting my sensitive eyes from the assault of fluorescent lighting. At the same time, the lenses are not so dark people can't see my eyes nor is it difficult to see while wearing them in lower lighting. Just taking care of this small factor in my chronic illness life with ehlers-danlos makes a big difference overall in this journey! I cannot recommend Axon Optic's line of migraine relief glasses to others with lighting sensitives enough! [Image Description: selfie shot of Dawn in the doctor's office. She has long, medium brown hair with a large grey streak in the front, parted to the side with the bulk of her hair laying along one shoulder. She is wearing a grey sweater and pink framed glasses with tinted lenses. She is looking up defiantly and the reflection of fluorescent lights are in the lenses. In the background is a blood pressure cuff attached to a cabinet with a computer underneath.] #chronicillnesslifestyleblogger #Migraine #photosensitive #Ehlers-DanlosSyndrome #migrainerelief #freeforreview #ilovemyaxonoptics #flourescentlights #theseaintcheapsunglasses

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Visual snow deserves a special mention as it is a rarely reported phenomenon.  I experience visual snow as though my vision gets poor reception, much like the fuzziness when television reception is poor. Sometimes these disturbances include large blotches and shadow flashes, making life strange and difficult to process at times. Using my Axon Optics allows enough reprieve from these stressful symptoms for me to interact with my environment more comfortably.


Axon Optics offers a surplus of styles to suit any taste. The company publishes solid tech backing up efficacy of migraine relief glasses as a medical device. Axon Optics photosensitivity glasses are customizable with any prescription. Axon Optics even offers an option to send in your own frames for custom lenses. Prefer contacts? Well, Axon Optics carry those also!

From one Spoonie to another, these migraine relief glasses bring back accessibility lost. Axon’s technology provides effective protection and relief without untoward side effects! Do yourself a favor and check out Axon Optics today for 100% Spoonie approved, natural migraine and photophobia protection! These glasses will change your life and save spoons!!!

Products to Improve the Quality of Chronic Illness Life | Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | Chronic Product Review Series
Products to Improve the Quality of Chronic Illness Life | Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | Chronic Product Review Series | [Image Description: High res image of a female sleeping on a couch in front of a large window. The Blog Title and Series Title overlay the Photo]

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❤ May you have quality of life  even without a cure ❤

Preventing Lighting-Triggered Migraines with Axon Optics Migraine Glasses
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