immunizeLABS: Products to Soften the Brunt of Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Disclosure: I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. Please see the Disclosures Page for more information.

If you’ve not caught on, I am open to trials of alternative treatments to manage the many symptoms experienced in Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. In conjunction with medical modalities, I balance between both worlds for the best quality of life possible in light of chronically incurable disease. Today, I’m sharing my experience with immunizeLABS’s line of supplements to manage issues with underlying infections, poor immunity, and inflammatory pain associated with a grand myriad of chronic illnesses alike.
immunizeLABS: Products to Soften the Brunt of Chronic Illness Life | Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome [Image Description: photograph close up in a laboratory with beakers and jars in the background. There is a text overlay “immunizeLABS: Products to Soften the brunt of Chronic Illness Life.” At the bottom of the photograph is the website title and URL: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome]

Medical Disclaimer: Always consult with a trusted practitioner before employing any alternative treatment. This is a product review, not medical advice.

To my surprise, the immunizeLABS sent the entire kit #4 for my trial (I was only expecting one product)! Along with the shipment was a personal letter from the company commenting on my chronic health struggles shared here in addition to the supplement’s instructions. This company is a grassroots outfit making waves in the chronic illness world through word of mouth and the personal experience of the proprietor and spouse as they battled the medical system for an effective solution against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalitis.

My one-month trial of immunizeLABS products included TWO bottles of PainRelief, a bottle of Shield, Boost, oralMiracle and Nasal Spray. Use the coupon code DAWN10 to get 10% off at!

Their story sounds like portions of my own as my experience in finding answers, let alone treatment for my chronic problems is often hit and miss. Through perseverance for a better quality of life, the immunizeLABS story is one of success because the protagonist found a treatment allowing for a quality of life unobtainable through the conventional system.

The reasons I wanted to try out any of these products are numerous. I have a long-term strep infection, history of mononucleosis and a borderline western blot for Lyme disease as well as daily bouts of gastrointestinal distress related to eosinophilic gastritis, leaky gut, IBS, biliary dysfunction, a poorly function pancreas and more. My immunity is seriously lacking in helpful defenses as a result of innumerable constituents related to chronic disease. EDS is a multisystemic, complicated disease process requiring meticulous considerations from a nutritional aspect. immunizeLABS formulas are designed to make up for the variety of impaired detoxification pathways often present with worse effects in the chronically ill body.

The first ingredient to seize my attention in immunzieLABS’s concoctions was Colloidal Silver. As a child and into adulthood I did not have access to medical care unless it was an emergency situation so often times Colloidal Silver was the only treatment available for minor infectious processes. Usually, there was never a need for further treatment. I used this naturopath antibiotic to treat a damaging middle ear infection in my hubs with an amazingly effective outcome when I was sure he might lose his hearing. Throughout my twenties, I used Colloidal Silver and mega doses of Vitamin C anytime hidden infections stirred my lymph nodes into swollen little beans. In my nursing career, a medical doctor prescribed Colloidal Silver for my patient with previously active resistant infection put into remission by the treatment. Despite my experiences with the benefits of Colloidal Silver, scholarly publications on the efficacy of use are few and far between.

The controversy over Colloidal Silver according to WebMD cites the FDA’s position on Colloidal Silver in 1999 as “an unsafe and/or ineffective supplement of no medical use.” The risk for argyria comes from evidence indicating Colloidal Silver is not eliminated from the body, causing a building up in tissues of organs with the result observed as blue skin. There are cases of this well-documented and worth reading before considering Colloidal Silver containing supplements.

In all my homeschooling years surrounded by alternative therapies, I never encountered anyone suffering from argyria with daily use. In all my years of intermittent use, I’ve never turned blue.  Quality is an important factor in choosing a Colloidal Silver containing supplement as WebMD notes “People who produce colloidal silver at home will likely not be able to evaluate their product for purity or strength.” This comes into to play with the products available at immunizeLABS as their Colloidal Silver is laboratory tested for quality assurance.

Contentions over Colloidal Silver present interesting points noteworthy in this impartial review. If functional medicine is your thing, Dr. Axe’s article on the benefits of Colloidal Silver supplements is a good place to start when looking at the advantages. Personally speaking, the relief I note with silver versus antibiotics stands as enough evidence for my own efficacy of use. Always talk with your practitioner and exercise appropriate due diligence on such matters before starting any supplement protocol. Alternative treatments are not for everyone and do pose risks better avoided by working with a trusted practitioner. That said, let’s get on with the review!

Here is an artistic picture edited for this post of the products contained in my kit. There was an additional bottle of the PainRelief not pictured but much appreciated as I’ve continued to use it for really bad pain days! |immunizeLABS: Products to Soften the Brunt of Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | | [Image Description: original photograph by Dawn Meeks of all the immunizeLABS products in blue tinted bottles. The larger bottles are glass and the smaller bottle is plastic with a nasal tip. The bottles are arranged in a triangular pattern. There is a fruit dish with oranges in the background. The table is wooden. The wall in the background is red. From the reader’s left to right is OralMiracle, PainRelief, BreatheEasy Nasal Spray, Boost and Shield.]
Each of the products in my trial presented clearly labeled with contents and amounts of ingredients making it simple to ensure no allergy triggers were present. Impressively, the integrity of the formulas is protected from light sources which would deplete the potency. The drinkable formulas came in dark blue glass bottles and the nasal spray contained in thick, blue plastic. This simple touch shows this company is dedicated to quality assurance. immunizeLABS gained my respect with this all too often disregarded detail.

[Image Description: Photograph of Dawn Marie, content creator and blogger at, holding a plastic water bottle containing immnizeLABS PainRelief, Boost, and Shield mixed with water for a once daily dose. The author has long, dark hair with a gray streak pulled into a side bun. She is wearing a black sweater. She is smirking at the camera from an angle and has her eyebrows raised. In the background is a kitchen scene with a white stove with overhead microwave, a white refrigerator, and light wood cabinets most prominent in the shot.]
My instructions were to take 1 tablespoon of the Boost and Shield each with 2 tablespoons PainRelief on an empty stomach with a bit of water in the mornings. See the video below demonstrating how to mix these formulas for a quick, daily dose. Each of the formulas is flavored as chocolate and the liquids look chocolatey but I found the taste to be less chocolatey and more earthy with a strong taste of cacao powder, a superfood ingredient packed with antioxidant power in all these formulas.

Waiting twenty minutes before ingesting any foods or liquids as instructed proved a beneficial practice. Within that sliver of time, my stomach bloat reduced considerably and more routine elimination patterns emerged. Doing this helped me experience less immediate side effects of nausea and stomach spasms when my medications hit my stomach at the start of the day. 

With a stroke of luck, I received my trial of the products right when a big wave of sinus infections ran rampant through my home.   The Breathe Easy Nasal Spray is for as needed use at the first sign of a migraine, sinus infection, allergen exposure and so on. Immediately, the spray became an effective treatment over the days my body fought the infection. Within approximately ten minutes of administration, my sinuses unblock, allowing me to breathe normally for four hours. My tribulations with the sinus infection only lasted 2 days using the Breathe Easy Nasal Spray, Boost, and Shield to bolster my immunity against an infection.

Since applying this protocol, my lymph nodes reduced from their routinely swollen size and my cyclic night sweats reduced from 1-2 weeks a month to 2-3 days! I give Shield, Boost, and the BreatheEasy Nasal Spray all the credit for correcting my immune system’s tendency to work against my body, This is truly phenomenal as infections usually set off a process in my body prolonging the illness for weeks whilst aggravating my underlying chronic issues!

Speaking of, I’ve continued using the spray at the first sign of a migraine with helpful results. My migraines still occur but using the spray helped diminish to the severity and days in bed. I also use it to combat my allergies to our 4 dogs and 3 cats. Sure, I take a daily antihistamine to treat my pet allergies but when I feel the need to bury my face in the furs of our fur babies, my nose immediately stuffs up while my eyes swell. Not loving our animals is not an option! Using this spray immediately when this happens saves me from hours of itchy, watery eyes while allowing me to quickly recover the ability to breathe through my nose. Then, I can go back to nuzzling with complete relief of symptoms for four hours or more!

The PainRelief formula relieved my pain levels significantly throughout the day, especially when it comes to the inflammatory pain I experience from arthritis and generalized joint swelling. The cumulative effects of EDS on my musculoskeletal system what with random subluxations, dislocations and over extensions/flexions take the most responsibility for my chronic pain but there is also the case of my constant battle with gastritis as well. Although I take medications to treat these different pain types, there is always an underlying level left untouched. It is a deep sense of swelling I can only describe as insidious.

Only one hour from my first dose of PainRelief, I noted those untreated levels of pain converting to a less arduous burden upon my energy levels! Well into the month trial, I felt more energetic with less pain thus allowing me to use my spoons for things like physical therapy, painting, planning our move and spending time with loved ones. I did the dishes for the first time in nearly a year because the decreased pain levels yielded more energy! I really enjoyed seeing my pain levels decrease without the increased side effects I feel when managing my pain solely with prescriptions.

immunizeLABS PainRelief for pain and inflammation Supplement Facts

It is no wonder the PainRelief formulas work well for so many different aspects of pain. The ingredients are known throughout holistic health communities as powerful combatants against inflammatory and neuropathic pain types. I was particularly happy to see the inclusion of Curcumin and Ginger oil as I’ve used both these remedies for years when relief from conventional medicine failed my case.

Another outstanding ingredient in the PainRelief Dietary Supplement is MCT oil. I’ve used MCT daily for over a year, finding it an easy way to get in important fats without the bulk of food that ordinarily exacerbates my symptoms. The amino acid content in PainRelief is remarkably concocted to deliver proteins normally obtained through diet in an easy to digest form to help regulate the bodies dysfunctional metabolism.

Nearly every time I require hospitalization, I end up on total parental nutrition to correct amino acid and other nutrient deficiencies which I’m prone to develop. Each time this occurs my pain levels rocket straight through “Level 10” into infinity! Once I get the boost of nutrition to set things right again, my pain levels and other distressing symptoms wane into remission. Over the last year, using supplements such as immunizeLABS to support my deficient nutrition when I can’t handle a typical dietary intake is unquestionably keeping me from the fate of a feeding tube, for now. The amino acid combinations in the drinkable formulas in my kit worked well against the multisystemic, painful and distressing symptoms I experience on a daily basis.

immunizeLABS OralMiracle Dentist-Approved, Kills Germs and Bacteria, Reduces Plaque, Promotes Remineralization, Eliminates Bad Breath, Whitens Naturally. Peppermint Flavor

I was excited for the opportunity to try out the OralMiracle Mouthwash because I cannot use alcohol based, commercially available products due to pain, mucosal dryness, and sensitivities to other additives. The instructions were to swish with 2 tablespoons every night at bedtime after brushing my teeth and avoid drinking any more fluids after the practice.

Using the OralMiracle Mouthwash mouthwash, my oral ulcers healed without resurgence as I pen this review. The swish is soothing to my often sore mouth and swollen tongue. The taste is gentle and pleasant instead of burning and agonizing as it is with alcohol based formulas. It only takes a diminutive amount so I am still using the formula almost 2 months after it first arrived! My teeth felt cleaner and my teeth showed whiter. OralMiracle Mouthwash also helps with my temperature hypersensitivity issues with my teeth. This is just one of the many products immunizeLABS offers to treat the various symptoms of chronic disease.

immunizeLABS features SkinMist, a skin care product reasonably priced at $40 USD. This treatment is designed to moisturize and protect the skin without all the harmful chemicals found in nearly all commercially available health and beauty products. Another innovative contribution I’m interested in trying is giRelief, a formula taken as a maintenance supplement with increased dosages to treat flare-ups of “Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, Crohn’s, Diverticulitis, Ulcers, GI Bleeding, and Hemorrhoids.”

immunizeLABS Healing Face Body & Hair Mist | Toxin-free!
immunizeLABS GiRelief Reduce Pain Reduce Inflammation Stop Bleeding

The cost of the Kit #4 is $310 USD but the folks at immunizeLABS are offering my readership an 10% discount using the coupon code DAWN10 at checkout! These are effective products to manage the wide variety of symptoms I experience. If you are looking to invest in alternative symptom management therapy that works, immunizeLABS is a quality assured option. If this is too big a commitment, immunizeLABS also offers each component of the kit for individual sale at a lesser price.

My experience with immunizeLABS was outstanding! I loved the personal touches to my package as well as the benefits each formula offered. For those with chronic illnesses interested in trying something new, immunizeLABS offerings come with quality assurance and rave reviews. For Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, the benefits delivered by immunizeLABS products are unmistakably palpable!

Use coupon code DAWN10 at checkout to receive a 10 percent discount! | immunizeLABS: Products to Soften the Brunt of Chronic Illness | Only in this Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | [Image Description: photograph of a night sky with a burst of light yellow and orange fireworks. The blog post title and blog name is overlaid in text.]

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