Sporty’s Hand Exerciser for Strength Building with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

I received this product free for an honest review. All my opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links which earn the author a small commission if utilized. Please see the Disclosure Page for more details. 

One of the biggest problems affecting my Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and POTS is getting exercise without aggravating my issues. While I can’t do the hours of Yoga I could before my injury, I can do little things to maintain muscle strength. Sportly’s Hand Exerciser is the perfect little device for the type of exercise I can handle so I was excited for the opportunity to try it out.

This hand exerciser is different than others I’ve tried in that it fully exercises all the muscles in my fingers, hands, forearms and into my shoulder muscles. Other exercises are difficult to grip, straining my easy to dislocate wrists. Sportly’s exerciser is padded and designed to fit easily in the palm of the hand. The individual padded finger exercisers help strengthen all the different muscles in my hands. Strengthening these muscles will help decrease my wrist pain and maintain my muscle strength without causing me untoward pains.

Sportly Hand Exerciser Review
Sportly’s Hand Exerciser Review for Strength Building
Click here to purchase Sportly’s Adjustable Tension Hand Exerciser

Using this compact, simple exerciser is strengthening my muscles and decreasing my wrist pain. Sportly’s Exerciser is a great, easily accessible option in the goal of maintaining muscle strength without causing untoward pains and strains. As they say, every little bit counts.

I give this exerciser Spoonie Approval!

I love using it while reading or watching TV. It keeps my hands busy while working towards the goal of maintaining muscle strength. The size is perfect for travel as it fits easily in a pocket. Even with its compact size, Sportly’s hand exerciser packs up to 7 pounds of pressure! Adjustable tension allows for a personalized amount of resistance for any strength level making this an excellent physical therapy device.

One of my goals in using this exerciser regularly is to improve my hand and finger dexterity to dually improve my typing, piano practice and holding onto things when my neuropathy kicks in. The advantage Sporty’s Hand Exerciser is the muscles to control each finger gets a workout rather than only the grasping muscles with the limits of traditional hand exercisers.


The Sportly hand exerciser is a great deal with the benefits, customizable tension, and compact design and affordable on Amazon. The exerciser also comes in black but I fancy the happy orange color! You can’t go wrong with this purchase if you are a Spoonie looking to build or maintain finger, hand, and forearm strength! Please be sure to check with your doctor and/or physical therapist when making changes to routines that impact health. You can purchase your own Sportly Hand Exerciser here.

Since using this product to strength my finger, hand, wrist and forearm muscles I’m experiencing less pain with typing. My dexterity and strength improved without the consequences of difficult, non-adjustable hand exercisers. Sportly’s exerciser is affordable, durable, customizable, easy to carry and a great way to help maintain strength when limited to sedentary activity!


Also available in black! Click here to purchase.



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